Event Portraits

View Camera Photographic Portraits
At your Wedding……
A View Camera is…. A large format film camera that uses sheet film which provides exceptional detail for portraits. It is considered an “old fashion” camera. Mine is a Wista field made from mahogany wood.
Why View Camera Portraits? A unique way to entertain your guests during your reception and provide an opportunity for family portraits at the same time. Why not take advantage of your family and friends being together and all dressed up.
Here is how it works I arrive with the view camera 1/2 hour prior to your event and set up in an central yet out of the way area that would provide good lighting and background. As guests mingle at your reception, they will have the opportunity to “sit” for a portrait. These can either be individual portraits, couple, or family portraits.
Costs $800.00 for basic service 3 hours of service 1/2 set up and breakdown Password protected hosting of portraits for 6 months Guests may order their own 8 x 10 pigment prints for $25.00 each.
$1,400 Includes basic service above plus 8 x 10 pigment prints of up to 50 guests
$2,200 Includes basic service above plus 8 x 10 pigment prints for up to 150 guests

Post Wedding Follow-up Additional and larger portraits may be purchased by your guests after the event by contacting my studio.