Hambidge Creative Residency Program

card booksHere is an example of what I am doing at the Hambidge Center of Creative Arts & Sciences in Northern Georgia. Taking Card Catalog cards that I got from Amesbury Public Library (thank you Julie) and Western Carolina University (thank you Sandy) I create new narratives that when sewn together tell stories of women, adventure, politics, wilderness, and friendship. Securely scaffold onto tree branches and vines from the local forest, they evoke memory, comfort, and security of the many days spent in the library among paper, type, binding, wood, and soft light.


forsythia book





Two weeks at the Hambidge residency isn’t enough. The area is beautiful in the spring with blooming flowing trees and daffodils.  The Red buds were spectacular.

My many jaunts took me along clear flowing rivers and streams, over mountain passes, and through extensive forests.

Cabin at Hambidge
Fisher Cabin

The cabin was huge for one person but just right for one visual artist. It gave me room to expand my materials and ideas.

Thank you Hambidge!!